SP-Podcast #27: Carmen Chraim and little Mahmudi Schmidt

Stand-up-Comedienne Carmen Chraim
Stand-up-Comedienne Carmen Chraim
Stand-up-Comedienne Carmen Chraim (Collage: s/p)

Carmen Chraim is a Lebanese-German comedienne who has been working as a business consultant in Berlin for about ten years. She also has been performing stand-up in English, Arabic, French and German all around Europe for about eight years. As a comedian she is very quick on her feet and constantly engaging the audience: If you imagine there are threads stretched from the comedian to each member of the audience, and given that the threads are strechted out every time the comedians looks or talks at a certain person – then at one of Carmen’s shows these invisible threads would form a hyper-tight spider’s web.

Carmen talks about a bit she played in February 2020, when she played her one hour solo show for the last time. In the bit she talks about German-Arabic relationships and how to improve them in the years to come. As a metaphor for cultures growing more and more accustomed to each other, she introduces the concept of little German-Arabic boy called Mahmudi Schmidt. (Or is it Schmitt? Who knows.) Besides, she explains how heckling at a comedy show made her try stand-up herself and what comedians can learn by hosting shows.

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