SP-Podcast #15: Gauri and weird relationship fears

Comedian Gauri
Comedian Gauri
Comedienne Gauri (Foto: privat; Collage: s/p)

Gauri is an Indian comedian living and performing in Germany and around Europe. She is working as an architect and performing stand-up comedy in the evenings. She has a very joke-driven and personal approach and tends towards darker and dirtier topics.

In this episode Gauri talks about her way into stand-up and that strange feeling: when you know there is a joke there that has worked before. But as a comedian you haven’t yet figured out how to perform it in such a manner that it yields laughter every time. The bit was played at the show The Wall in Berlin in February 2020. And in case you haven’t noticed: This episode is completely in English.

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English Stand-up Open Mic The Wall in Berlin

English Stand-up Comedy Nights in Frankfurt a. M.

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Why do we laugh after all, can we agree on that one? Possibly not. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk about why we are not laughing right now. Setup/Punchline is a podcast about stand-up comedy as a craft. In each episode, comedians talk about one of their comic bits, that is a short topical sequence of jokes. By doing so, they explain how they found their topics, how they arrange punchlines and breaks, when they are loud, when they are acting reserved. Which lines do never get laughs? And why are they still sticking to them? Here you can find all episodes.

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