Pull Back and Reveal

klassischer Witzmechanismus, der filmisch wie sprachlich durch das „Herauszoomen“ der Kamera funktioniert: Die Perspektive bleibt zwar gleich, das Publikum erhält aber trotzdem mehr Informationen über die anfangs falsch eingeordnete Situation.

Der britische Stand-up-Comedian Stewart Lee beschreibt den Pull Back and Reveal in seinem Buch How I Escaped My Certain Fate folgendermaßen:

„The first half of a sentence creates a certain set of expectations, concerning the location, age or social status of the participants in the story which is then reversed in the second half of the sentence as the frame of the picture, so to speak, widens to include details which, had they been evident initially, would have clarified the situation immediately: e.g. […] ‚I was lying there, stretched out on the seat naked, masturbating… and then I got off the bus.‘ Why not try writing your own Pull Back and Reveal jokes? And then why not try smashing yourself repeatedly in the face with a claw hammer?“

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